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Definitions of hydroxycorticosteroids, synonyms, antonyms, derivatives of hydroxycorticosteroids, analogical dictionary of hydroxycorticosteroids (English).

Dexamethasone (DEX) induces Osmotic stress transcription factor 1 ...

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Aldosterone induces CTGF in mesangial cells by activation of the glucocorticoid receptor. Why are mineralocorticoid receptor antagonists cardioprotective?.

17 Alpha Hydroxylase Deficiency

Spironolactone (INN, BAN,. as well as some indirect estrogen and glucocorticoid effects. (or mineralocorticoid) receptor,.

Definitions of Glucocorticoid receptor, synonyms, antonyms, derivatives of Glucocorticoid receptor, analogical dictionary of Glucocorticoid receptor (English).

21-Hydroxylase Deficiency

A NMDA Receptor Antagonist,. Context-dependent memory following recurrent hypoglycaemia in non-diabetic rats is mediated via glucocorticoid signalling in the.

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Dexamethasone enhances basal and TNF-α-stimulated production of PAI-1 via the glucocorticoid receptor regardless of 11β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase 2 status in.

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Mineralocorticoid Receptor

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Mineralocorticoid Receptor Structure

Mineralocorticoid receptor overexpression facilitates differentiation and promotes survival of embryonic stem cell-derived neurons.Stress Hormones Receptors in the Amygdala Mediate the. Stress-Induced Enhancement of Mouse Amygdalar Synaptic Plasticity Depends on Glucocorticoid and ß.

... on hippocampal neurogenesis with glucocorticoid signaling - IOS Press

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titre du document / document title central mineralocorticoid receptors are indispensable for corticosterone-induced impairment of memory retrieval in rats.

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Aldosterone Receptor Antagonist

Early transcriptional effects of aldosterone in a mouse inner ...

. Phosphorylation, Trans-repression of c-Jun/c-Fos: Two Modes of Regulation of the Transcription Factor AP-1 Activity by Glucocorticoid Receptor S....

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